How does the outsource process of your business look like?

We are delighted to present you our model of employee recruitment, their training, equipment setup and your management. It consists of years of experience in the industry of call center and IT services outsource. Click above and find out why are we the best in the industry.

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We provide a shortlist of candidates (agents and supervisors) for your new team. This process also includes setting up the computer and phone equipment. Your team will soon be ready for training.


You perform the final selection via Skype or in person in our office. The whole process depends on the complexity of the team, lasts from a few days up to few weeks. Now your team is ready for training and work.


Together we train new professionals via video link or in person. Supervisors undergo additional training of staff control , organizing skills, work and special training reporting. Your team is ready to do business now.


You provide team management and general operations, as if the agents are in the office next to you. Sometimes employee`s expenses are cut down up to 70%. Most of our customers choose a full workforce outsource at one point.

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We will offer you customized price per employee per month and it will be completely transparent. In addition to the gross salary of workforce it will also include:

How much can you save when it comes to salaries, contributions, office space and internet?

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An example of government incentives:
For medium-sized investment projects - investments with a value of at least 50 million EUR and which would create at least 150 new job openings the grant will be awarded up to 10% of the total value of the investment over a period of a maximum of ten years from the date of signing the grant,.

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